What is analytics?

Analytics is a feature which allows you to view statistics about your server. This is useful if you want to see how many people have used voice channels, how many minutes have been spent in voice channels, and more.


Analytics is a premium feature. You can learn more about premium features here.

How can I use analytics?

Currently the only way to manage analytics settings is using the analytics commands.

Managing analytics settings with commands

To enable analytics collection in your server, use the /analytics toggle command.

How can I view analytics?

There are 3 ways to view analytics:

Viewing analytics with the /analytics view command

To view analytics, use the /analytics view command. This will show you a list of analytics for your server for the current day.

Viewing analytics with the /analytics graph command

The /analytics graph command allows you to view analytics as a graph generated by the bot. You can view to see the graph with day-by-day data, or hour-by-hour data.

Viewing analytics with the /analytics export command

The /analytics export command allows you to export analytics as a CSV file. This file can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets.

This is perfect if you prefer to analyse the data yourself or see more advanced trends.