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Welcome to the VC Roles documentation! Here you'll find everything you need to get up and running with the bot!

If you want to report a bug or request a feature, head over to our GitHub page, and make a new issue!

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VC Roles is a bot that will make your server and its voice channels much more interactive, enabling features such as: giving members roles when they join a voice channel, removing it on leave or the reverse of that, reading TTS messages in voice channels, for those without a mic, creating and managing voice channels, and much more!

This is the bot you need to make your server more interactive, and bring your community together!

  • Channel - Role linking
    • Normal linking - A role(s) can be given to a member when they join a channel, and removed when they leave
    • Reverse Linking - A role(s) can be removed from a member when they join a channel, and added when they leave
    • Great for hiding voice reply channels, or music bot command channels when they aren't needed
  • All channel - Role linking
    • A role(s) will be given to a member when they join any voice channel, and removed when they leave
    • Option to add exception channels (members aren't given the 'all' role(s) when they join/leave)
    • Normal & Reverse Linking supported
  • Permanent Role Links
    • A role(s) will be given to a member when they join the voice channel, and will remain after they leave.
    • Normal & Reverse Linking supported
    • Great for easy user verification
  • Voice Channel Generators
    • When a member joins the generator channel a new voice channel is made just for them, and is deleted when there are no more members in the channel.
    • Generators also come with an interface channel, which contains additional configuration for users' private channels.
    • This is highly configurable, dive in and see what you can make!
  • Voice Channel TTS commands
    • TTS commands are used to make the bot read a message in a voice channel
    • Options for multiple languages.
    • Great for users who have no mic and still want to be heard
  • Analytics Commands
    • See insights on what's happening in your voice channels.
    • How much time is being spent in them? How many times do people join? How many commands are being used? and more!
    • See beautiful graphs with per-day data or per-hour visualisations, or prefer to analyse yourself? Download an export of the data as a csv.
  • Voice Admin Commands
    • Used to mute, unmute, deafen and undeafen all members in a voice channel
  • Audit logging (for voice channels)
    • See when members join, leave or change channels, and the roles that are given/removed by the bot.