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VC Roles will enhance your Discord server by enriching voice channels with much needed features such as role assignment, channel generators, and more! It's easy to use and will help you manage your server with ease.

A better way to use voice channels.

Channel - Role Linking

Role(s) are automatically assigned to a user when they join a specific channel.
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TTS Commands

Text-to-speech commands that can be used to communicate without a mic.
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Voice Channel Generators

Automatically create voice channels when a user joins a specific voice channel. Great for creating temporary voice channels!
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Voice Channel Logging

Log when a user joins or leaves a voice channel, and any roles that may have been assigned or removed.
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Unlock the power of VC Roles

Ready to upgrade your experience? The VC Roles Premium plan unlocks the power of voice channel generators, voice channel analytics, and more!



The Premium plan, perfect for your server.

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  • Unlimited Voice Channel Generators!
  • Voice Channel Analytics
  • No Command Limits
  • Generate Text Channels
  • Invite Members to Generated Channels
  • Hide Generators at Limit
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