Premium Commands

What are premium commands?

The premium commands allow you to use all the premium features. You can use the premium commands to view your premium status, and to manage your premium subscription.


Premium commands are only available to premium users.

/premium activate

The /premium activate command allows you to activate your premium subscription.

Premium Activate Usage

/premium activate <license_key>

Activating premium

Premium Activate Options

  • license_key - Your premium license key from gumroad

/premium add

The /premium add command allows you to add premium to the current server (if you have a spare premium slot).

Premium Add Usage

/premium add

Adding premium

/premium remove

The /premium remove command allows you to remove premium from the current server.

Premium Remove Usage

/premium remove

Removing premium

/premium info

The /premium info command allows you to view your premium status.

Premium Info Usage

/premium info

Viewing premium info

/premium list

The /premium list command allows you to view all the servers you have premium on.

Premium List Usage

/premium list

Viewing premium list

/premium buy

The /premium buy command links you to the pricing page to buy premium.

Premium Buy Usage

/premium buy

Buying premium